Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Who is behind Wedding Industry Awards™?

Wedding Industry Awards™ is a Business Platform of Wedding Marketing Group Pty Ltd. (WMG), being established in 2000. (WMG) is a specialist Marketing, Publisher, and Events organisation for the Wedding Industry of Australia. (WMG) focuses on Regional areas of the Australian Wedding Industry identifying and servicing over 30 Regions. (WMG) was Australia’s Largest Publisher of Regional Wedding Publications realising over 110,000 magazine per year, Australia’s largest purveyor of Regional Wedding Expos with over 25 events per year, Australia’s Premier Wedding Insurance Program, and now Australia’s Largest provider of Wedding Business Awards through its nationally recognised Wedding Industry Awards formerly (Brides Choice Awards™).

Brides Choice Awards™ (BCA) was established in 2008 with the first (BCA) being undertaken in Macarthur NSW and established itself as Australia’s #1 Regional Wedding Awards Program. During COVID in 2020 – 2021 a new business model was developed under the Banner of Wedding Industry Awards launched in February 2022. With Wedding Industry Awards™ servicing over 30 Wedding Regions of Australia we have expanded our offerings on a National Scale with the Australian Wedding Awards™ launched January 2022. This exposes Regional Wedding Businesses on the National Stage. No matter how small a business maybe, it is a level playing field for all to be competitive.

Wedding Industry Awards™ are dedicated to – Seeking Out, Acknowledging, Supporting, and Rewarding Wedding Businesses for EXCELLENCE in Service to their Wedding Couples that operate in Regional Areas of Australia. They can be Nano Businesses, Micro Businesses, Small Businesses or even Major Corporate. Wedding Industry Awards is a supportive industry network platform, facilitating connectivity, support and importantly, recognising Excellence in Business practice through Wedding Industry Awards™ for Excellence’.

Wedding Industry Awards™ (formerly Brides Choice Awards™) is a non-member organisation which was launched in 2008 and has been there to acknowledge those wedding businesses that have excelled and exceeded the expectations of their Newlywed Couples from around Regional Australia. That’s right the Newlywed Couples of Australia VOTE for those businesses that have extended outside the expectations of Newlywed Couples, what better way to be recognised than have your Newlywed Couples tell the world about your business a massive referral opportunity. But more importantly being acknowledged and rewarded for your endeavours.

Wedding Industry Awards™ has become a significant referral mechanism for Newly Engaged Coupes to select Wedding Businesses from the region of their wedding.

Why should a business engage with the Wedding Industry Awards™?

Wedding Industry Awards™ is an Independent Awards Program that focuses on the Regional Wedding Industries of Australia, with no allegiance to any one business or industry group. There is NO MEMBERSHIP or Payment to Participate in the Voting Process. It is about Seeking out, Acknowledging and Rewarding Wedding Business for EXCELLENCE in Service to their Wedding Couples.

Wedding Industry Awards™ will help attract NEW CUSTOMERS and increase loyalty.

Wedding Industry Awards™ will BOOST YOUR BUSINESS – by reinforcing industry-wide recognition for providing incredible Wedding Experiences to Newlywed Engaged Couples.

Wedding Industry Awards™ will BULID VALUABLE INDUSTRY RECOGNITION – Finalists and winners will be recognised by the industry and consumers alike for providing incredible online retail experiences.
Wedding Industry Awards™ will GIVE YOUR NEWLYWED COUPLES the POWER to PROMOTE your Business Now’s the chance to give your customers a voice and invite them to tell the world how much they love your brand.

Wedding Industry Awards™ will create the space for customers to tell the world that they love your Brand.

Wedding Industry Awards™ gives you the platform to give your business a leg up on the competition, help attract new customers (Newly Engaged Couples) and increase loyalty (Word of Mouth).

Is there a Cost to participate in Wedding Industry Awards™?

There is NO COST to participate in Wedding Industry Awards™ Voting Process.

If you are nominated as a Finalist in your Regions Wedding Industry Awards™ by your Newlywed Couples, you will be invited to participate in the Wedding Industry Awards™ Presentation.

There is no forced requirement to participate, if your business is the recipient of a Wedding Industry Award™ it will be announced during the presentation, posted onto the Regions Social Media FaceBook Page and Website.

BUT there will be NO Trademark Licence to use any Wedding Industry Award™ Marketing Collateral. Unregistered Nominated Recipients of a Wedding Industry Award™ do not gain access to Wedding Industry Awards™ Marketing Collateral.

Does a one-off Single Ticket Cover ALL Categories that my Business may be a Nominated Finalist?

Registration requires the purchase of a SINGLE TICKET for EACH Nominated Category where you would like Marketing Collateral Package. Your Single Ticket / Category is required to engage with the Wedding Industry Awards™.

Wedding Industry Awards™ how are they Presented or Announced?

Wedding Industry Awards™ use a Virtual Presentation in announcing the Nominated WINNERS and Recipients of Wedding Industry Awards™.


Rather than purchasing Multiple Tickets for a LIVE Gala Event, the requirement is to only purchase a SINGLE TICKET for each Category that a Business has a FINALIST Nomination. A significant Cost Saving for businesses whilst still being recognised and rewarded.

WINNERS and Recipients are Posted on Social Media:

WINNERS and Recipients of a Wedding Industry Award™ are Posted on the Website

Do you have to participate in the Wedding Industry Awards™ Virtual Presentation to receive nomination for an Award?

No, you don’t have to participate in the Wedding Industry Awards™ Virtual Presentation to be receive Nomination for a Wedding Industry Award™, your business will be identified during Wedding Industry Awards™ Virtual Presentation on the night and you will receive recognition on our Facebook Page PLUS be included as an Award Recipient on our Website. However, there will NOT be a Physical Award, Licence to use TradeMark™ or Internet Collateral available for your business.

If I am unable to participate at the Wedding Industry Awards™ Virtual Presentation, how can I obtain an Award if I am a Recipient?

We encourage businesses to participate in the Virtual Presentation but there are cases where a business may not be available. Best case scenario you are able to Post Register after the event if you so wish.

How does a Business Post Register for the Wedding Industry Awards™?

This can be realised by contacting Wedding Industry Awards™ at [email protected] seeking information on how to proceed.

Wedding Industry Awards™ will NOT contact Recipients of a Wedding Industry Award™ Nomination after the Virtual Presentation.

Wedding Industry Awards™ Marketing Collateral, or Licence to use the Wedding Industry Award™ Trademark, there is an investment required to move forward:

Note: there is a requirement that a Registration (Purchase a Ticket) be required for each Category that a business wishes to be acknowledged to obtain Marketing Collateral & Licence.

What are the Costs associated with Post Registering for a Wedding Industry Award™?

Post Registration is $330.00 / Registration / Category (includes Option 1 + 2). If a business is a Nominated Recipient in a number of Categories, they need to Register for each Category. Or select a single Category that returns the most for the Business.

If a Business wished to ONLY purchase OPTION 1 (Digital Marketing Collateral) then the investment is $165.00 same for OPTION 2 (Acrylic Plaque).

Is there a limit to the number of Tickets we can purchase?

Virtual ZOOM Presentation, we limit to one (1) Ticket per Category / Business.

If we are unable to attend Wedding Industry Awards™ presentation evening and have purchased Tickets is there a refund?

It identifies on the Ticketing Website (Tickets are Non-Refundable)
Refunds will be applied if Wedding Industry Awards™ are cancelled not postponed or date transferred.

What Business Category will my business be allocated to?

We review a Business’s Website and/or Social Media presence and define where best to fit your business unless you have a specific request. But you MUST contact Wedding Industry Awards™ and advise which Categories you wish to be considered. Otherwise, we will allocate Categories.

How is the Voting undertaken as I was not aware that Wedding Industry Awards™ Voting was being undertaken?

Wedding Industry Awards™ operate seamlessly in the Background and a lot of Regional Wedding Businesses are unaware that Voting is underway, let alone when they are announced as Finalists. The Key Strategy with Wedding Industry Awards™ is that we DO NOT require Businesses to contact Newlyweds to Vote or more importantly ask Newlyweds for reviews as part of the Voting Process.

Wedding Industry Awards™ conducts its voting process on five (5) Principal Strategies:

  1. Wedding Industry Awards™ pays $$$ to Social Media Platforms to make contact with Newlyweds who were married over the past 12-18 months seeking their support by Voting for their TOP5 Wedding Suppliers to their wedding who excelled and exceeded their expectations.
  2. Wedding Industry Awards™ supply promotional content via email to Businesses that we have on our Database to enable them to place a Post on their Social Media Platforms to seek support from their Newlyweds in Voting for their Business.
  3. Wedding Industry Awards™ undertakes Tagging on Facebook of all the potential Businesses that are on its Database, this in itself creates interest and momentum in the Voting Process. This promotes the Business to its Local / Regional Wedding Industry.
  4. Every Wedding Industry Awards™ Region (over 30) has a Post on the Regional FaceBook Page announcing the Voting is underway and a HyperLink to the Voting Platform. This is also duplicated on the Wedding Industry Awards™, Principal Facebook Page So, two (2) Facebook Posts undertaken for each region by Wedding Industry Awards™.
  5. Businesses that self-promote by soliciting support from their Newlyweds on Social Media will indirectly encourage their Newlyweds to vote for other Wedding Suppliers that serviced their Wedding Day. Five (5) Businesses need to be nominated so there is opportunity for four (4) other businesses to be bought into the Voting Fold.
How are Votes Allocated if my Business is in Multiple Categories?

Any Business that is represented in Multiple Categories, we Replicate the Votes across ALL Categories, so if you receive 57 Votes for LIVE ENTERTAINMENT you receive 57 Votes for WEDDING DJ

How can you Guarantee that Voting is Fair and Equitable?

The Wedding Industry Awards™ are undertaken in over 30 Wedding regions across Australia we have a comprehensive expectation of what Votes should be attributed to different Categories.

Take for example: if a Candle Maker Category the average Vote is 65-85 and there is a Vote tally of 967, then we investigate the Voting characteristics.

– We can Identify Vote Stacking where One (1) Business is Voted in all Five (5) Choices. In this case instead of an expected Vote of Fifteen (15) they are allocated one (1).
– We can Identify the time the Vote was cast.
– We Test Emails addresses for authenticity.
– We can identify the Computer Server Number which allows for highlighting of multiple voting blocks.

We believe the Wedding Industry Awards™ are the fairest Wedding Industry Awards™ in Australia.

Who can use Wedding Industry Awards™ Trademark – Breach of Wedding Industry Awards™ Trademark?

From time-to-time Wedding Industry Awards™ undertakes audits to identify the fraudulent use of Wedding Industry Awards™ Trademarks. This is where a business Pirates a Wedding Industry Awards™ Trademark / Logo Roundel and depicts themselves as a Recipient when the business was not and/or when a business does not Register (Purchase a Ticket) to obtain access to Licence to use the Liverier of Wedding Industry Awards™.

We will contact the business in Breach of Trademark requesting they remove the offending use. Failure to do so may see legal action being investigated.

What are the best methods to assist my Business in the Voting process of Wedding Industry Awards™

Some Hints to expose your Business to past Couples to obtain maximum support in Voting for your Business.

– Be sure to post on Social Media. FaceBook allows the Hyperlink to send Couples to the Voting Platform. Be sure to use the Sample Text supplied or use your own version to encourage engagement by past Couples. Be sure to add the Voting Link.

Instagram does not allow the Voting Link, post the Vote for Us Roundel and direct people to the Voting Platform. REPEAT the POST at least 3 Times of the course of the Voting period.

– It is not a Prerequisite (a MUST Do) of Wedding Industry Awards to email past Clients, let alone supplying Couples info to us, (this is illegal and contravenes The Privacy Act). However, it is totally your call to implement emails to past couples. Be sure to include the Voting Platform LINK.

– Another method is to SMS / Ring Couples, we would strongly suggest ONLY those that you have a great relationship with.



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